Chicken Apple Kale Panini

  • Yield:
  • Prep Time:
    3 minutes
  • Cook Time:
    3-5 minutes

4 slices eureka!® Saaa-Wheat!® Organic Bread

2 tablespoons grainy mustard

8 slices sharp cheddar cheese

¼ cup baby kale

8 slices deli chicken breast, thinly sliced

1 red apple, thinly sliced

4 tablespoons butter

2 cups pumpkin soup


Special Tools:

Panini press 

  1. Build sandwich by first spreading mustard onto 1 side of each bread slice. Layer 1 slice cheese, kale leaves, chicken breast slices, apple slices and second slice of cheese between the 2 slices bread. Spread 1 tablespoon butter on top bread slice.
  2. Heat a panini press. Place sandwich, butter side down, on hot press. Carefully spread remaining tablespoon of butter on top of each bread slice before closing panini press lid. Cook until cheese is melted and bread is golden brown (approximately 3-5 minutes). Serve with pumpkin soup.