You've found it – the perfect wheat bread! Chewy and full of flavor with just the right amount of crunch, we guarantee you'll say Saaa-Wheat!



We baked as many organic grains into this chewy, flavor filled bread as physics will allow – 12 to be exact. Try it for yourself and become a Grainiac!

Seeds The Day

Seeds The Day®

We packed 5 seeds into this delicious wheat bread, then rolled it in more seedy goodness to make sure you can see the flavor. Delicious and seedsational, you'll want to "seeds the day!"

Sweet Baby Grains

Sweet Baby Grains®

Discover the delicious taste of Sweet Baby Grains. Flavorful and full of grainy goodness, one bite will leave you saying, "These grains are sweet, baby!"

Top Seed

Top Seed®

If you love seeds, this one is for you! We packed a mix of 5 different seeds into this delicious organic bread. For a tasty, crunchy mix that's top-notch, it doesn't get much better than Top Seed.

Smoooooth Wheat

Smoooooth Wheat®

Simple and tasteful, Smoooooth Wheat is classic wheat bread, rediscovered. Full of flavor and baked with fewer seeds for a wheat bread that's oh so smooth!