Discover The Bread That Stands For Discovery

We have a passion. It’s baking organic bread that’s full of taste and rich flavor. When we realized grainy goodness can still be delicious without adding artificial colors, flavors or preservatives, we had our eureka! moment. And we want to share that experience with everyone from coast to coast. So don’t be surprised if you hear someone shout out, “eureka!” from the bread aisle. It means they too just made a great discovery.

Who is this Archimedes guy?

Archimedes. Philosopher, scientist, inventor and mathematician. His zest for life was as legendary as his LinkedIn profile. After one particular epiphany, he leapt out of the bathtub, shouted “eureka!” and ran naked through the streets (which, by the way, makes him the father of streaking). The man clearly loved a good discovery. He certainly inspired us.

USDA Organic & Non-GMO

It’s part of our philosophy: never stop looking for a better way. Delicious bread that’s organic and non-GMO? That’s our eureka! moment.