Açai Yogurt Toasts

  • Yield:
    3 servings
  • Prep Time:
    10 minutes
  • Cook Time:
    0 minutes

3 slices eureka!® Sweet Baby Grains® Organic Bread, toasted

1 tablespoon açai powder, divided into thirds

¼ cup blueberry yogurt

¼ cup peach yogurt

¼ cup raspberry yogurt

1 tablespoon almond slivers

¼ cup kiwi, chopped

¼ cup blueberries

1 teaspoon chia seeds

¼ cup raspberries

¼ cup bananas, sliced

1 tablespoon mini chocolate chips

1 tablespoon almond halves

¼ cup strawberries, sliced

¼ cup blackberries, halved

1 tablespoon coconut slivers

1 tablespoon granola

  1. Stir ⅓ of the açai powder into each yogurt flavor. Spread 1 flavored yogurt onto each toast slice.
  2. Top the açai-blueberry yogurt toast with almond slivers, kiwi, blueberries and chia seeds.
  3. Top the açai-peach yogurt toast with raspberries, banana slices, chocolate chips and almond halves.
  4. Top the açai-raspberry yogurt toast with sliced strawberries, blackberries, coconut slivers and granola.
  5. Or feel free to mix and match the deliciousness to discover your favorite combo!